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André Clouet Champagne master class

On 27.8., I had the opportunity to be a part of a Master class with the Champagne André Clouet presented by Jean-Francouis Clouet. Bellow are my notes from the tasting with Jean-Francouis.

Here is the link to their web page

so you can read about their history, how they started to produce Champagne and see some pictures from their vineyards.


Champagne used for the tasting.

From left to right:

Wine 1: Champagne André Clouet Silver Brut Nature NV

100 % Pinot Noir from Bouzy, Blanc de Noir. Spontaneous fermentation of the base in steel tanks, 4 years on sediment. Dosage 0g/L.

The mus (the bubbles) are very strong, deep concentration of bubbles, powerfull.

Some bitter yeasty aromas, toast sweet hues.

Very fresh, yeasty tasty, good acidity, long finish.


Wine 2: Champagne André Clouet V6 expérience NV

100% Pinot Noir from Bouzy, Blancs de Noir. 80% of the base wine is from 2012 and the rest is from 08', 05', 04', and 02'. Spontaneus fermenting of the base wine in steel tanks, 6 years on sediment, dosage of 5g/L.

Aromas of burned caramel, creamy.

Very fresh, acidic wine, short creamy bitter aftertaste. Very good minerality.

Wine 3: Champagne André Clouet Brut Rosé No. 5

100 % Pinot Noir from Bouzy and Ambonnay, spontaneus fermenting of the base wine in steel tanks with 3 years on sediment, dosage 7g/L.

Aromas of strawberry, ripe strawberry, red fruit with yeasty notes. Taste: great minerality, fresh, some peach, maybe white peach.

Wine 4: Champagne André Clouet Symphony Cap Leopard Brut Millesime 2009

Pinot Noir 80%, Chardonnay 20% from Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards in Montagne de Reims. Partly fermented on old oak barrels, partly in steel tanks. 10 years on yeast. Dosage 8 g/L.

Aromas: creamy yeast aromas, sweet toast, cocount.

Taste: complex but well balanced, long after taste, medium acidity.

Wine 5: Champagne André Clouet Dream Vintage 2012

Exclusively Chardonnay from Avize, Cramant and some small % from Bouzy. The fermenting and the ageing is only in steel atnaks. 6 years ageing on yeast before disgorgement in the spring of 2019. Dosage 5g/L.

Aromas of honeysuckle, very sweet aromas but with fresh taste, green apples. Hints of greenish colour because of Chardonnay. Could use few more years in the bottle. Some saltines in the aftertaste (due to the type of soil) - sign of good quality wine.

- unfortanely I don't have a picture of the bottle and the glass.

Wine 6: Champagne André Clouet Un Jour de 1991 NV

100 % Pinot Noir. Maturing in old oak barrels (Sauternes-barrels) in solera. 10 different vintages in the base wine. 50 % of the blend is from vintage 2008. 7 years on yeast. Dosage 8g/L.

Fun fact: Jean Francois won the barrels in a poker game from Denis Dubourdieu.

This wine is by the producers own taste and the grapes are from the producers best vineyards. It has nice golden colour. Sweet honey aromas, yeasty aromas, complex. Dry crispy wine with mineral taste. The yeasty vanilla taste stays long.

As always, have a Winederful day! :)

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