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Crab a Riesling 2019

Is there anything better than a boat trip on a Sunday with Riesling and Crabs?

Tysk Vininformasjon / Wines of Germany was the organization that put together this fantastic day. The goal of the day was to try all the different styles of German Riesling and to find the best match for crabs.

To read more about a German Riesling, please visit their web page:

(information both in English and Norwegian).

I have tried almost all of the wine available that day but unfortunately was a bit hard to write wine notes for all of them (you know wine and boat and some more wine). I will share a few of my pictures and the wine notes for the wine I liked most.

And the wine best to my taste was:

100% Riesling from Rheinhessen Germany. By the producer Casa di Saga. The alcohol % is quite low, only 10.5%, with 22g of sugar and 7,3g of acidity. - all of the components are well balanced. - I do prefer Riesling that the acidity is not overpowering and is well balanced with the sweetness. This wine would make the perfect match by the glass or with easy seafood, margarita pizza.

The aromas that you will get in this Riesling are yellow apples, stone fruits like white peach. Quite simple wine but the overall expression of the wine is fantastic :)

As always have a Winederful day! :)


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