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Winery visit - Domačija Bizjak

Wandering the narrow streets of Goriška Brda took me to Domačija Bizjak.

(Domačija Bizjak, Brestje 13a, 5211 Kojsko)

Domačija Bizjak is a family-run winery where the whole family lives and works in the vineyards and the lands around the house. The winery is run by Vojko Bizjak with the help of his wife Patricija and their suns Gregor and Jakob.

The tasting was led by Vojko and his son Gregor. They have presented their wines with great enthusiasm and knowledge. Gregor has a WSET level 2 award in wines (which is really great, I wish more people would study the WSET courses).

The visit started with a tour of their bottling facility and the wine cellar. Oh, it was amazing. For me, a wine student (who will never stop learning) was more than great to see the wine pressing machine, the bottling line, the stainless-steel vessels, the oak barrels, the everything! I have snapped a few pictures, take a look below.


Tasting notes

Grganja - sparkling

- Grapes: Rebula 100%

- Vintage: N.V.

- ABV: 12%, dry, low acidity.

- Color: medium gold.

- Medium + aroma intensity. Aromas of yeast, honey, yellow apple.

- Medium - flavor intensity. Flavors of yeast, yellow apple, baked pastries.

- Medium - body, medium - finish.

* Grganja is an old local name for Rebula grape variety. Also, the grapes for this wine are harvested from old vines.

* Traditional sparkling wine production method. 3 years on lees.

* The bottle is really fancy and amazing for gifts.

Fani - sparkling

- Grapes: a secret (the winemaker didn't want to tell the grapes, but I think that at least one of the varieties is Merlot)

- Vintage: N.V.

- ABV %, dry, low acidity.

- Color: pale salmon.

- Medium - aroma intensity. Aromas of red fruits.

- Medium - flavor intensity. Flavors of strawberries, red fruits.

- Medium - body, short finish.

* The wine was made for the grandmother (Vojko's mother) who is unfortunately dead. So this wine is a very great memory and honor to her.

* The wine is made from red grape varieties.

* No maceration, no grape pressing.

* Grapes are harvested, destemmed, and put in a stainless steel vessel. After a while, the wine is drained out.

* Traditional production method with a second fermentation. 2 years on lees.


The next 3 wines Rebula, Sivi Pinot (Pinot Gris), Chardonnay are produced by the same production method. - 8-hour maceration -> pressing -> fermentation at 13'C in stainless steel vessels. Batonage is done for Rebula for 5 months.

Rebula 2019

- Grapes: Rebula 100%

- Vintage: 2019

- ABV 13%, dry, medium acidity.

- Color: pale lemon.

- Low aroma intensity. Aromas of sweet stone fruits, apple, white peach.

- Medium - flavor intensity. Flavors of yellow fruits, apples, sweet spiciness in aftertaste.

- Light to medium - body, short finish.

* Young, fresh wine.

Sivi Pinot (Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris) 2019

- Grapes: Sivi pinot 100%

- Vintage 2019

- ABV %, dry, low acidity.

- Color: pale lemon with golden notes (due to the color of the grapes).

- Low aroma intensity. Aromas of sweet yellow fruits, red apple.

- Medium - flavor intensity. Flavors of ripe yellow fruit, red apple, sweet citrus.

- Light body, short finish.

* Received silver medal from Decanter wine awards.

Chardonnay 2019

- Grapes: Chardonnay

- Vintage 2019

- ABV %, dry, medium - acidity (very gentle acidity).

- Color: pale lemon-green.

- Low to medium - aroma intensity. Aromas of ripe apples, pineapple, sweet citrus fruits.

- Medium flavor intensity. Flavors of apples, pineapple, freshness.

- Medium body, medium - finish.

* Vineyards on 350 m altitudes.


Rosé 2019

- Grapes: Refosco/Refošk 100%

- Vintage 2019

- ABV 12,5%, off-dry (9g/L), medium - acidity.

- Color: medium salmon.

- Medium + aroma intensity. Aromas of red fruits, very strong aroma of ripe watermelon.

- Medium flavor intensity. Flavors of ripe watermelon, red fruits, strawberries.

- Medium - body. Medium - finish.

* Wine from free-run juice.

* 6-hour maceration for color extraction.

Sladki Muškat

- Grapes: Sladki muškat 100%

- Vintage 2019

- ABV 12,5%, sweet (35g/L), low acidity.

- Color: pale lemon.

- High aroma intensity. Sweet aromas of honey, honey melon, yellow apple, caramel.

- High flavor intensity. Same flavors as the aromas.

- Medium + body, medium finish.

* 24 hours cold maceration -> pressed -> fermented at 14' - 15'C -> stopped fermentation at 35% RS.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

- Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

- Vintage 2017

- ABV 13,5%, dry, medium - acidity.

- Color: medium ruby.

- Medium + aroma intensity. Aromas of red fruits, strawberry pastry.

- Medium flavor intensity. Flavors of red fruits, plums, purple fruits, cooked fruits, oaky.

- Medium + body, medium finish.

* Harvest 16.10. (unfortunately, I forgot to ask which year :() - that year like every other year they had a problem with wild they kind of had to guard the vineyard day and night until harvest time arrived.

* 14 days maceration in stainless steel vessels.

* Fermented in oak barrels of different sizes.

* 1 year in oak maturation, 1 year in bottle maturation before released in a sale.


Alongside the tasting, we had prosciutto and homemade olive oil with bread.


Feel free to share and Have a Winederful day! :)


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