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WSET courses at Oslo Wine School

As you could see on my blog and the web page I am all about WSET awards in wine.

They are so simple, they are so easy to follow, you get to study from only one book - which many will say it is not much but wait till you come to level 3.

Newly established Oslo Wine School is offering the WSET courses from level 1 til 3. The courses are taught by soon to be MW Jane. She has a loooot of knowledge to share so you will be able to learn a lot from her.

I have done WSET level 1 award in wines in October 2018. -> only 30-40 pages to study from, 6-8 hours course and a test afterwards. So level 1 is really easy to understand, to learn and to make you eager to want to learn more.

At Oslo Wine School you have a few dates available to sign up to take the course.

WSET Level 2 award in wine and spirit I have taken in March 2019. I got at the last group that still had sprit in level 2, so that was a nice edition.

Level 2 was a bit more complicated I can say. I have taken the 3-day intensive course. So I had to put in some work and some study time.

You get a book and a workbook to study from and of course, follow at the courses and write notes.

Here is the link at Oslo Wine School for WSET level 2 award in wines.

On the link, you can get all the information about the course and the sign-up form. If you have any information make sure to send email to them and ask.

But I will strongly suggest to just sign up. I mean start at level 1 and then 2 and then 3 of course.

I have taken level 3 last year in October 2019 and passed with merit, which is the next best score. This is where all the fun comes along. You will taste a lot of wines, most of them are done blind, so you are able to train for your blind tasting exam during the whole course. At this level, I would suggest to put in some more study time hours. Taste a bit more wines, read a bit more and feel confident in what you are reading. And talk to people about wine, it helps, and you might meet people who are so interested in wine and so knowledgeable in wine that they will make your eyes sparkle. And Oslo's Wine School teacher Jane is just one of those people! So strongly recommended do the courses.

Oslo's Wine School does not have any dates yet for the level 3 award in wine. But send an email to show your interest.


My tips for studying:

- Get the study material in advance.

- Ready the study material before the courses start.

- Write down questions, or anything that you don't understand or not sure what it is.

- During the courses, write notes for yourself. For me, it helps to write things in my words.

- I have done a lot of notes, I have hand rewritten notes from the book, and then I rewrote the notes on my computer while I followed the specification.

- Flashcards and again a lot of flashcards. I have done them in different colours and all handwritten.

- Find some old tests, examples of questions and read and answer and rewrite.

ps. Check also my web page, some interesting stuff there.

- Don't start to get overwhelmed before the exam. Try to do all of the studying in good time before the exam, and the last few days take it easy. Do some exercise, go out with friends, binge watch tv shows.

- Before, during and after or anytime visit wine fairs, if you work in the business, taste at work, taste with your guests.

- On level 3 you will have a blind tasting on the exam. But don't worry you will get done a lot of tasting during the course days, so the exam is easy peasy. PRO TIP - on the day of the exam don't use mouth wash, use wine! And take a few sips (small ones ;) ).

If you need any more tips about studying, send an email.

As always have a Winederfull day! :)

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