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Winery visit - Vina Sosolič

On a sunny Sunday, I have visited Vina Sosolič in Goriška Brda in Slovenia.

Goriška Brda is a region (wine region) with colorful landscapes and a lot to offer. I admit it easy to get lost in between the narrow streets of the many small villages in Goriška Brda.

Vina Sosolič can be found in the village of Zali Breg (kontakt information on the link

In their portfolio, they have white, red, sweet, and sparkling wines. Below you are going to find pictures and tasting notes of the wines. If available, each wine will also have a few keynotes on production or interesting facts. All of the facts are provided by the winemaker Dominik Sosolič.

Rebula 2019

- Grapes: 100 % Rebula

- Vintage 2019

- ABV 13%, dry, low acidity.

- Color: Medium lemon with golden notes

- Medium + aroma intensity. Aromas of yellow apple, yellow nectarine, peach, white melon.

- Medium - flavor intensity. Flavors of fresh apple, minerality, saltines, wet stone.

- Medium body and medium finish.

* The grapes are grown in the best growing conditions (great sun exposure and higher altitudes). It is an old variety of Rebula (it gives small grapes).

* Grown on marl soils (locally called opoka).

* No water irrigation even in dry vintages.

* The vines are old with long roots into the ground. Therefore the grapevine gets nutrients from the soil (marl) and a lot of local flavors.

* Hand harvested.

* Production method: few hours cold maceration. Fermentation at 13'C in stainless steel containers.

Sivi Pinot 2018

- Grapes: Sivi pinot 100 % (Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio)

- Vintage 2018

- ABV 14,5 %, dry, low acidity.

- Color: Medium gold. (strong color due to the color of the grapes)

- Medium - aroma intensity. Aromas of yellow apple, ripe yellow apple, ripe orange, ripe nectarine. It had kind of warm hints to all of the aromas.

- Low to medium - flavor intensity. Flavors of ripe yellow apples, yellow melon, pineapple.

- Medium - body, and medium - finish.

* Grapevines on higher altitude (not too high, so the grapes don't get burned and the aromas disappear). Low yields.

* Production: few hours maceration. Fermented in stainless-steel vessels.

Malvazija Aromatika 2019

- Grapes: Malvazija Aromatica - very little plantings of it. Sosolič is the only grower of this variety in the region. It is not the same as Istrska Malvazija.

- Vintage 2019

- ABV 14%, dry, medium acidity (-).

- Color: pale lemon.

- High aroma intensity. Aromas of pear, yellow peach, tropical fruit, pineapple, ripe mango.

- Medium flavor intensity. Flavors of ripe tropical and yellow fruits. Warm-cooked fruits, sweet spiciness in the aftertaste.

- Medium body, medium finish.

* Very aromatic grape variety. High alcohol % due to the warm climate. Can stay fresh for a long time.

* Production: no maceration, fermented in stainless steel vessels.

* Used for sparkling wine production.

Merlot 2016

- Grapes: Merlot 100%

- Vintage 2016

- ABV 13,5%, dry, medium - acidity.

- Color: medium garnet.

- Medium - aroma intensity. Aromas of red fruits, red ripe fruits, oaky aromas, plums.

- Medium flavor intensity. Flavors of spices, dry red fruits, red pepper, cooked aromas, oaky notes.

- Medium - body, medium finish.

* Vineyard on higher altitude. Great sun exposure for bigger color extraction (at production time), softer tannins.

* Production: maceration 2-3 weeks (depending on the vintage), 6 months in used barrique barrels (French oak).

* How to determine if the grapes are ready for harvest? Before harvest time the winemaker will break the grape and check the color of the seed. If the seed is green the grapes are not ready for harvest. If the seed is brown(ish) is ready for harvest). The winemaker will bite the seed to get the accurate color determination.

Muškat 2018

- Grapes: Rumeni Muškat

- Vintage: 2018

- ABV 16,5%!, sweet, medium - acidity.

- Color: deep amber.

- Medium + aroma intensity. Aromas of very ripe melon, very ripe tropical fruit. (yellow soap for handwashing dishes).

- Medium + flavor intensity. Flavors of honey, tropical fruit.

- Medium + body, medium - finish.

* Matured in acacia barrels.

* Not filtered.


Special wines named VIRUS

Why the name VIRUS? The line of wines was blended and designed at the time when the Bird flu was active (not present at the winery). So the winemaker had ordered the design and the printing of the wine labels. The person who was printing the labels called the winemaker and asked him for a name (for the wines) and the winemaker said "Ah just write VIRUS". And that's how the wines got the name VIRUS. The numbers 3, 5, 7 by the name VIRUS are completely random.

- There are 3 wines under the name VIRUS, Virus 3 is red cuvé, Virus 5 is white cuvé, and Virus 7 is sparkling wine.

Virus 3 (red cuvé) 2018

- Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Refosco

- Vintage 2018

- ABV 13%, dry, low acidity.

- Color: deep ruby.

- High aroma intensity (still young wine). Aromas of red fruits, plums, black currant.

- Medium flavor intensity. Flavors of ripe red fruits, strawberries, plums, som oaky aromas (still need to develop to full).

- Medium body, medium finish.

* All the grapes are harvested from old vines.

* Merlot is dried in wooden crates on the air, after that maceration for about 1 month to achieve 15-16% abv.

* The cuvé gets 2 years in barrels on lees. Afterward is not filtered but transferred into stainless steel containers for natural filtration (the sediments gets on one side) and clear wine is pumped out and bottled.

Virus 5 (white cuvé) 2016 (orange wine)

- Grapes: Rebula, Tokaj, Chardonnay

- Vintage 2016

- ABV 13 %, dry, medium acidity.

- Color: medium gold.

- Medium aroma intensity. Aromas of ripe tropical fruit, ripe pineapple, melon.

- Medium - flavor intensity. Flavors of ripe tropical fruits, oaked, oaky aromas, vanilla, sweet spices.

- Medium body, medium - finish.

* Rebula gets 1-month maceration before fermentation. Tokaj and Chardonnay are pressed and fermented, with lees exposure). From the barrels, they are blended and put in stainless steel containers.

* No filtration.

Virus 7 2012 (sparkling wine)

- Grapes: Rebula 60%, Chardonnay 35% , Muscat 5 %

- Vintage 2012

- ABV 11,5%, extra brut, medium - acidity.

- Medium + aroma intensity. Aromas of yeast, yellow apple, yellow fruits, butter pastry.

- Low flavor intensity. Flavors of ripe apples, yeasty notes.

- Medium - body, short finish.

* Produced by the traditional sparkling wine production method (Champagne method). The wine spends 3 years on lees. Nothing added.

* This vintage they have burred some of the bottles in the ground. And they will stay there for a certain amount of time (didn't get the information on that). Mostly done for the show. But also for maturation on constant temperature.


During the tasting, I was able to taste also some local cheese and curated meats and bread. Locally called "narezek". I was to slow to get a picture of the cheese and the bread :D


Overall it was an amazing visit and will definitely visit again. The surroundings are breathtaking and the view is to die for. Below are a few pictures that were taken in front of the winery.

Fell free to share and have a Winederful day! :)

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