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Wine Etiquette

This post is inspired by one of the questions that I got for my "Wine questions project." At first, I honestly had to think for a bit. What the hell is wine etiquette? It sounds so fancy, like something French.

Wine etiquette are gestures that we do while drinking wine, buying wine, ordering wine, or doing anything with wine.

Below are some of the wine etiquette that I think are important:

- Proper holding of the wine glass. A wine glass is something that holds the wine, the grape juice that you have been waiting for (for the proper hour) to drink. Show it some respect and hold it by the stem and not by the bowl/the top part.

- Smell the wine and think about it. Then taste it.

- If you are at a party (a lady) and wearing makeup, drink from the same position on the glass, so you don't leave too many lipstick marks (it does not look nice, and it is hell to wash it off).

- Do not open a bottle of wine too loudly. Don't let it make a pop sound. This can be achieved by pulling out the cork slowly. This is both for sparkling wine and especially for still wine.

- Skål! Cheers! Na zdravje! These are the words that we say out loud while toasting. When toasting, look the person in the eye, and clink the glasses with the bells (the top part).

- Proper holding of the wine bottle when pouring wine. Hold it by the bottom part, with the wine label towards the guest or the person you are pouring to.

- When pouring wine to several people at once, pour the same amount to everyone.

- If you are hosting a dinner and serving wine, make sure to pour to your guests first before you pour to yourself. Unless you are like me, pour wine to myself and then forget about the others (please don't do this).

- When serving wine, know what you are serving.

- At a winery visit or wine tasting: ask many questions, even if you don't know (exactly) what to ask.

- Define your own tasting palate and stick to it. Don't let wine critics or wine snobs tell you what or what not to drink. They can surely help you find your favorite style, but they are not always right.

- Don't fill up the wine glass to the top. (do it only when you are alone)

- Pour properly and twist the bottle at the end, so the wine will not drip.

- Be polite when someone is making a toast in your honor. Smile and nod, drink after.

- If you want to make a toast, do not use your fork or knife on the glass to make a sound. Just stand up, hold your glass up (and start dancing).

- Don’t be a show-off if you know a bit more about wine than others.

As always Have a WINEderful day! :)

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