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Wine fountain Marezige

You have probably seen a few fountains and drunk water from them, but have you ever drink wine from a wine fountain? Well, I have done that this summer! And we found it by accident. My boyfriend and I were driving around the Slovenian Istra - Koper region and ended up having few glasses from the wine fountain in Marezige village, just outside of Koper.

First of all there is this amazing view waiting for you just by the fountain.

View from the wine fountain over the city of Koper

The wine fountain was opened since September in 2018. And it is the first one of its kind in Slovenia. You can taste four wines all local varieties from the wine taps. They might offer some more tasting options or packages, but this visit we tried only the wines from the wine taps.

Wine taps

You pay 8 euros, and you get glass in a practical wine holder and three coupons for tasting, each coupon gives you 1dcl of wine. We tasted Malvazija, Refosco and Chardonnay. I did love the Chardonnay, which was really refreshing on a hot summer night.

Unfortunately, I don't have any tasting notes as this was really not a planned visit, but I will make sure to write them on my next visit (which is definitely going to happen as soon as I visit Slovenia again).

There is not that much more that I can write about it, but I would definitely say it is a thing that all wine lovers need to experience it. You can make your visit there educational or simply to enjoy a glass or two with your friends.

Below are a few pictures I took while we visited the wine fountain.

Surounding area

Surounding area

Sunset view over Koper.

They also have a practical glass washing fountain. Which is amazing when you are tasting different wines.

The shop

Inside the shop

As always have a WINEderfull day :)


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