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Wine bottle shapes and sizes

Most of the wine is bottled in one of the standard-shaped wine bottles. Just the shape of the bottle can tell you, where it comes from. In some wine regions, the local laws demand the use of a specific wine bottle, in others the wine shape is used because it's a tradition.

For example, wine bottles from Châteauneuf-du-Pape will always have the Pope's emblem on them. The Italian wine from Gattinara is often bottled in a bottle that looks handmade.

The standard and most used wine bottles can be divided into five styles:

  1. The BOCKSBEUTEL: short, squat green bottle. The most famous wine is the Mateus Rosé from Portugal. Can be seen also for wine coming from Francanioa Germany.

  2. The FLÛTE: tall, slim, green, or brown bottle. Known for German wines, and by law used for Alsace wines.

  3. The BORDEAUX: has high shoulders with parallel sides. By law has to be used for wine coming from Bordeaux; Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot.

  4. The BURGUNDY: similar to Bordeaux but with low sloppy shoulders, going down on the sides to a broader base. By law has to be used for wines from Burgundy; Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This bottle shape is also preferred for wines from Loire and Rhône valley.

  5. The CHAMPAGNE: is a sibling to the Burgundy-style bottle. But it has a thicker glass (to hold the pressure inside), a broader base, and a punt in the bottom (no effect on the wine, but it helps to hold the bottle when pouring wine). Used for all sparkling wines. Some may have small different features, depending on the region where they come from or the winemaker's wishes.

* There are many other bottles that are used, depending on marketing reasons or special wishes from the customers.

* Dessert wines come in small bottles, mostly resembling the Bordeaux style bottle.

* Ice wine comes normally in high tall bottles.

* Port and Sherry have their specialized bottles, that look kind of chubby.

* A Chardonnay wine from the USA will have a Burgundy-style wine because it's the bottle shape that is used mostly for Chardonnay.



Standard wine bottle size is 750ml=0,75l.

Magnum = 1.500ml = 1,5l = 2 bottles.

Jeroboam/Dobble magnum = 3.000ml = 3l = 4 bottles.

Rehoboam = 4.500 ml = 4,5l = 6 bottles.

Methuselah/Imperial = 6.000 ml = 6l = 8 bottles.

Salmanazar = 9.000 ml = 9l = 12 bottles.

Balthazar = 12.000 ml = 12l = 16 bottles.

Nebuchadnezzar = 15.000 ml = 15l = 20 bottles.

Solomon = 18.000 ml = 18l = 24 bottles.

* Do you know how the bottles got their names? They are named by Biblical kings and historical figures.


As always have a WINEderful day!

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