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Spirits and liquors  

Spirits, liquors, and others are part of every restaurant, bar, hotel, and other serving places.

Here you will get to know them the easy way!


Golden Dots


  • It is a spirit from potatoes. 

  • Production process: boiling the potatoes in a huge pot, which gives starch infused mass. The mass is blended with malted grains. -> Yeast is added for fermentation. -> After fermentation, it is double-distilled with resulting neutral spirit. -> Flavour elements are added before bottling. 

  • Some types of aquavit are kept in oak barrels to mature and get kind of special effects and taste. Some even take a boat ride to get that special kick. 

  • Flavors: anis, fennel seeds, dill, cumin seeds, caraway seeds, bitter oranges. 

  • Produced in: Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Germany. 

  • How to enjoy it? As ice-cold shot, before or after a meal. 


Golden Dots


  • It is a grape brandy mixed with egg yolks and sugar. Rare examples with flavorings of vanilla and fruits.

  • Produced in Holland, only the basic flavor is available on the international market. 

  • How to enjoy it? As an aperitif and digestif. It can be added to coffee or hot chocolate. Serves as a base for egg nog.

  • Cocktail: Snowball.  

  • Warninks is the most famous advocaat brand. 

source: "The ultimate encyclopedia of Wine, Beer, Spirits & Liqueurs from Stuart Walton and Brian Glover." 

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