The Wine Student


My name is Viktorija, and I am a big wine enthusiast. The nature of my work is working with wine every day. Either by serving it or composing a menu together with food. Also, of course, drinking it on my days off ;).

As from educational point, I have successfully finished WSET level 1 award in wines, WSET level 2 award in wines and spirit and WSET level 3 award in wins. Currently, I am enrolled in the course of becoming a certified waitress, which should be done by the end of the summer. 


I love talking about wine and learning about it. Therefore I decided to start this blog to share my notes from my journey of learning about wine. I have read a good share of books about wine, articles about wine, talked to people about wine, visited different wine fairs.


My notes will be published either in English or Norwegian, depending on the language of the book or the material I am going through. (in advance there might be some typing mistakes...after all its only notes and neither English or Norwegian is my native language).


I am looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions to improve my blog and my knowledge.

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