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My name is Viktorija, and I am a big wine geek.

I love talking about wine and learning about it. Therefore I decided to start this blog to share my notes from my journey of learning about wine. I have read a good share of books about wine, articles about wine, talked to people about wine, visited different wine fairs.

From an educational point, I have successfully finished the WSET level 1 award in wines, WSET level 2 award in wines and spirit, and WSET level 3 award in wines. I also have a certification as a waitress (in Norway). 

My notes will be published either in English or Norwegian, depending on the language of the book or the material I am going through. 

I am looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions to improve my blog and my knowledge.

If you want to learn more about wine or just want to have a fun wine tasting event, send me an email. :) 

Make sure to subscribe and follow on Insta and Vivino. 

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