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Slovenian wine, wine tasting

As the old year was almost finishing I visited the WeVino store in Ljubljana. My wish was to try different Slovenian wines and get to know them better. I mean the wine is kind of one of my best friends (don't get it wrong I am a wine geek).

I have tasted 4 wines, 2 white, and 2 red.

Belo 140, vintage 2017

Grapes: Kerner 80%, Renski riesling 10 %, Laski riesling 10%.

Alcohol: 13,5 %.

Origin: Bela Krajina. Producer: Šuklje.


- Medium lemon color,

- Medium intensity aromas: pear, yellow apple,

- Dry, medium + acidity, medium + flavor intensity: ripe apricot, ripe yellow apple, hints of cinnamon, butter croissant, buttery aftertaste,

- Medium body, medium + finish,

* Held in barrique barrels, hand-picked, spent some time on sur lie.

Dveri Pax Šipon/Furmint, vintage 2016

Grapes: Furmint/Šipon 100%

Origin: Štajerska. Producer: Dveri-pax.


- Pale Lemon,

- Medium intensity aromas: sweet aromas of ripe fruits, yellow ripe fruits.

- Dry, medium (almost plus) acidity, medium minus flavor intensity: overripe melon, overripe yellow melon, salty, great minerality.

- Light body, short finish.

* Very fresh wine kept in inox vessels (not for storage).

Dveri Pax Pinot Noir, vintage 2012

Grapes: Pinot Noir /Sivi pinot

Origin: Štajerska. Producer: Dveri-Pax.


- Pale garnet.

- Medium + intensity aromas, fennel, red pepper, cherry, woody spices, a lot of tertiary aromas.

- Dry, light acidity, light tannins, medium - flavor intensity, full tertiary tastes, violets, light cherry taste, woody taste, well-integrated spices with the fruits.

- Medium finish.

- Surprisingly good for an older Pinot.

Otus Cuvée Red, vintage 2017

Grapes: 80% Merlot, 20% Barbera.

Origin: Vipavska Dolina, Producer: Vina Čuk.


- Medium ruby.

- Light aroma intensity; cherry, plum, very ripe strawberry.

- Dry, medium + acidity, medium + tannin, medium body.

- Medium - flavor intensity, cherry, fresh red fruits rips, hints of ripe nectarine, hints of sweet spiciness at the end.

- Medium + finish.

Slovenia as a wine country has for sure a lot to offer. Make sure you make a wine trip there and try the wines. And if you find yourself in Ljubljana make sure to visit the Wevino store.

For everyone that would like to have some wines at home now, check their webshop and order some. Here is the link to their webshop: They are sending wines all over the world!

As always Have a WINEderfull day! :)


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