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Wines and wine notes - WSET level 3

Did you know that doing the tasting part of WSET level 3 in wine is almost a sport? Can you guess why?

Well during the 5-day intensive course I had to taste over 70 wines (I think so, unless I have lost count).

Below are my notes from the wines tasted during the course. The numbers in the upper left corner on the picture is the "varenummer" / the "wine number" on web page. There will be also pictures from the wine bottles, either mine or borrowed from the vinmonpolet. I grouped the notes by the country, not necessary by the official classification system.

The notes that you will see here are the nice written notes (almost too nice right?). During the course and the tasting, I was using my own designed tasting notes (pictures at the bottom of the post), I wrote with pencil and then I marked correct or wrong answers with a coloured pen.

Since we did most of the wines blind, this was great practice for the exam. In case you will wine "The wine tasting notes" interesting, send me an email ;).